Reducing Plastic Waste at Work

This year we are proud to be sponsoring the re-usable beer cups at Shropshire Festivals’ events. They will help to reduce the number of disposable plastic beer cups used at their festivals.

With thousands of people about to descend on Shrewsbury’s Quarry for Shropshire Oktoberfest, we know our cups will save a huge amount of single use plastic from being used.

The re-usable cups were used at last month’s Shrewsbury Food Festival, alongside the Shrewsbury Cup coffee cups. Together they helped save the use of 8,500 disposable bar cups and 2,500 single use coffee cups, which is brilliant!

Every year 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced across the globe, half of which is single-use. More needs to be done to reduce this colossal figure.

There are a few easy wins to reduce plastic in our workplaces.

Water bottles

Nationwide we use 7.7 billion plastic bottles per year. That’s an average of 117 bottles per person, per year. If we all brought reusable water bottles to work or had glasses available to wash and re-use, we could save millions of plastic bottles daily. It’s cheaper than buying bottles of water too!

Drinking Tap Water

Our tap water is safe to drink yet most offices use plastic water coolers because they prefer filtered, cooled water. Instead why not have a filtered water tap installed in the kitchen. No more big plastic water cooler bottles and no one needs to remember to re-fill them!

Proper Crockery

Stock up your work kitchen with plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses and mugs. That way there’s no need for your team to pick up plastic cutlery with their lunches or use disposable plates in the staff canteen.

Shrewsbury Cup

This brilliant local reusable cup scheme has reduced a huge amount of waste around town. It’s great to see so many cafés adopting the scheme so customers can pick one up or swap theirs for a fresh one, when buying their daily brew.

Ask your employer to buy in a box so that everyone can have one, so when they’re picking up a coffee on the way in to work they aren’t using one that will end up in the bin. Even if disposable cups are made of cardboard, the lids are usually still made of plastic.

Bringing in your own lunch

Even if you can’t do it every day, brining in lunch from home more often will cut down on your single use plastic waste as meal deals and lunch takeaways are usually packaged in plastic. It will save you some pennies too!

Boot covers

If your workplace uses disposable boot covers, why not ask your employer to invest in reusable ones.

Good luck waging a war on your office plastic waste!

Helping children in our community

The local community is important to us here at DM Recruitment. We have always pledged to support it in any way we can. In the past we have sponsored events, grassroots football, and charity fundraisers.

As parents and relatives of children, we wanted to do something for the youngsters in our area.

So, we have sponsored an anti-bullying campaign run by the Kids Information Centre.

They run bespoke child safety initiatives in our area. The campaign around bullying will help children understand that, unfortunately, most of us will be bullied at some point.

Bullying can take many forms, from being picked on by strangers or being bullied by friends. They want kids to know that they’re not alone and give them the tools to deal with the issue.

They will be helping school children understand the different forms that bullying can take - verbal, physical and online abuse. They will highlight signs to look out for that someone is being bullied and let kids know how they can help those who are suffering.

Hopefully these tools will help them to grow stronger and happier in life.

The Kids Information Centre said, “Thank you for your involvement in the bespoke child safety initiatives we are running in your area.

“The support from businesses and individuals such as yourselves is crucial in our efforts to safeguard vulnerable and at-risk children across the country via essential grassroots projects.”

We wish them the best of luck with all their initiatives in our community!

Berriew FC kit

New DM football kit for Berriew!

How brilliant do the new kits look for Berriew Football Club, which are sponsored by DM Recruitment!

Berriew FC are a fantastic team. They have had a really tough year navigating the Covid restrictions, with some of the team and coaches unable to enter Wales during the national lockdowns.

We are proud to be supporting such a great team in the Powys area and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come.

The DM Recruitment team hope the new kits spur them on to success in the new season!

We hope the local fans come to DM Recruitment for work as we have lots of temporary job roles available throughout Powys. Our sister company Simply Interview has permanent roles too!

Supporting Grassroots Football

The football clubs in the areas where we operate are incredibly important to our network of temp workers, as well as the team here at DM Recruitment.

We are the main sponsors of Shrewsbury Town’s away stand. We also sponsor Ludlow Football Club’s kit and Leominster Town Girls U12's team kit.

Local teams and grassroots football are part of the fabric of our local community. It brings people together, gives us shared goals (metaphorically and literally!) and unites towns and villages.

Here at DM Recruitment, we feel privileged to be in the position to support our community in any way we can. We want to make where we live the best it can be for the entire DM Recruitment family.

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