Is now a good time for a career change?

Normally if something major happens in our life, it makes us take a step back to re-evaluate whether we are happy and if something needs to change. The pandemic has been big enough to do that to every single person on earth!

Going through stress, change, illness and grief can be that catalyst to make a modification to how we live our lives.

Often that change comes down to whether we are happy in our jobs. Given that it’s where we spend a big chunk of our time, it’s no surprise really!

So, is this a good time for a career change?

Of course so many people have sadly been through a redundancy as an outcome of the pandemic. For those still in jobs, they might feel like clinging on for dear life to their solid 9-5 job that has kept them in work through all this awfulness.

But if the events of the last 18 months have made you realise you are fundamentally unhappy – then you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace change. After all, a crisis is an opportunity for change!

The landscape of job hunting might seem daunting but many sectors are now booming, so it is all about looking in the right places.

Find out which industries are growing using reports like this one.

What is the good, the bad and the ugly about your current job?

The grass isn’t always greener, so before you start planning your exit speech it is worth reflecting on what you like and don’t like about your current job. Have your priorities changed? Do you want more flexibility or you aren’t developing where you are? What isn’t working, that would work somewhere else?

Read through job descriptions on job sites and talk to friends about their experiences. Sometimes it helps you see what the sticking points are and if they are worth leaving the job over. There would be no point walking in to a worse situation.

Get ready for change!

If you are looking to enter a new industry you will need to do a big review of your CV.

You need to translate your CV so that it showcases your transferable skills for a new sector. It isn’t enough to just list the jobs you’ve done before, you’ll need to be clever about making the most of the experience and skills which are relevant to a whole new industry.

Talk to us!

As recruiters we are pretty knowledgeable on this topic!

We can be realistic about your salary expectations, career path changes and what kinds of jobs are currently available.

We can look at our current job opportunities, determine your suitability and help you on your path to a happier working life.

So, if you’re thinking about a career change – get in touch!

Happy 6th birthday to us!

This month DM Recruitment turns 6 years old!

The natural thing to say would probably be ‘the last 6 years have flown by’ but that feels like a disservice to everything we have achieved, every client we’ve won, and every job role we’ve filled.

Every milestone, big or small, has meant something to the business.


The last six years have seen DM Recruitment grow, develop and evolve.

DMR is now a recruitment group. We have DM Recruitment covering temp to permanent roles in the industrial and commercial sectors, Opus Vitae offering permanent recruitment services across a range of sectors, and the newly launched Simply Interview providing an affordable HR solution to hiring.

Our hope is that by having more than one recruitment model, we can help more businesses thrive by building great teams, offering them the service that best suits their needs.

Going National

Our investments in digital systems, including commissioning our own app, have meant we have the capability to recruit beyond the West Midlands now. We are pleased to report winning contracts throughout the UK.

Following the restrictions of the last year our team has spent less time on the road and more time here, which has helped bolster our productivity levels.

Where Difference Matters

Our driving force isn’t profit margins, it is helping to support our community in any way we can, to make it the best it can be. We are proud that in the last couple of years we began our pledge to support local charities.

We made a five-year pledge to support Lingen Davies Cancer Fund, The Movement Centre, Shrewsbury Town in the Community, and Shropshire Mental Health Support. Last year I took up a trustee role at Signal, and we will be supporting Climbing Out later this year.

These are all fantastic local charities, which we are very proud to support with donations and fundraising help.

Dream Team

We are very proud to see DM Recruitment head in to its seventh year operating. We have achieved so much in the last 6 years and we are proud of what we stand for as a business now.

A big thank you to everyone at DM Recruitment – you really are the dream team!

Thank you to all our clients, associates and suppliers who have worked with us and supported us over the last 6 years! Here’s to many more years to come!

Finding a job

Reports of unemployment and a strained economy make the prospect of looking for work a scary one. But it doesn’t have to be.

Following the various support schemes from the Government together with the roadmap out of lockdown, the good news is that many businesses are crying out for new workers now.

With many people still locked into furlough in some sectors, there isn’t as much competition for work as you might expect – so don’t feel daunted!

Many of our clients have multiple roles available, so if you are looking for a job read on for some tips to get a job in 2021!

Hit the online job platforms

Pretty much any film or TV show in the last 40 years would depict a job seeker circling jobs on the back of the local newspaper. Times have changed!

Hundreds of jobs are posted online daily.

Indeed is a big one to check – they add 10 jobs per second globally and CV Library lists over 170,000 jobs! We regularly use them to recruit candidates, so it is worth logging on and exploring what is on offer.

We predict Google Careers will become even more popular this year, so that is one to watch.

Network on LinkedIn

Whilst networking in person isn’t as easy as it used to be, it is worth making the most of what LinkedIn has to offer. By listing yourself as ‘Open to Work’ on your profile settings you will help signpost to recruiters that you are available.

Build your connections, sign up to job alerts, and give yourself an online presence with regular (professional!) posting.


Adding new skills can make you more attractive to recruiters, and it also sends a message to employers that you are passionate about progressing in your career.

With more than 90% of the UK workforce needing to be upskilled or retrained by 2030 to be equipped for greater automation in the workplace, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, the smart move would be to stay ahead of the people you will be competing for jobs with.

Register with an agency

Don’t roll your eyes – this is genuinely a really great way to find work with minimal effort!

Crucially, find an agency that reflects your values, and you have a great rapport with. If you have experience and skills in a specific field, choose an agency with that speciality.

Here at DM Recruitment we specialise in industrial and commercial recruitment. We have a lot of temporary positions, but find these often lead to permanent places – so don’t be put off by the temp bit!

Together with our sister companies, Opus Vitae and Simply Interview, we recruit for a broad range of businesses, in roles of all types.

We would love to find out more about you!

High Sheriff of Shropshire Award

This month I had the huge honour of receiving a High Sheriff of Shropshire award in recognition of DM Recruitment's work in the last year. The award celebrates work which enhances the life of the community.

The whole DM Recruitment team feels very proud to be honoured with the award!

We feel privileged to be in a position to provide ongoing support to the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund, The Movement Centre, Shropshire Mind and Shrewsbury Town in the Community, excited at the work we have planned with Signal and Climbing Out this year, proud to provide sponsorship to grassroots football (Shrewsbury Town FC, Ludlow FC, Berriew FC and Leominster Town Girls U12’s) and to local events such as the Shropshire Virtual Show and Shropshire Festivals events.

We want our community to be the best it can be, and if we can contribute to that goal in any way, we will whole-heartedly.

Thank you to the incredible High Sheriff of Shropshire for the honour – I am blown away!

Job hunting in 2021

Looking for work at the moment can feel really tough. Soaring unemployment rates are increasing competition for available jobs. Some businesses are struggling and not hiring new employees, and some are closing their doors altogether.

If you are lucky enough to get a job interview, you will most likely have to sell yourself on a video conference call, where all the advantages of in-person social cues and communication fall away.

It is definitely a time for adapting and setting new goals. The good news is here at DM Recruitment we have put processes in place to make registering with us something you can do from home, and we are ALWAYS recruiting for our clients. It’s what we do!

Here are some ways to adapt your job hunt in 2021.

Tips for virtual job interviews

Start by setting the scene – make sure your background doesn’t take the interviewer’s attention away from you and that it is clean and as professional looking as possible.

Ideally sit at a desk or table rather than on the sofa, and make sure no family or housemates are going to walk into the back of shot!

You can avoid any tech issues by trying a test call with a family member before the interview so you can iron out any visual or audio problems.

Dress for a face-to-face interview – even your lower half – you never know if you’ll need to stand up! It will help you look professional but it will also put you in the right mindset.

Log in 10 minutes early so as soon as the employer logs on, you are there – you don’t want to keep them waiting.

Update your CV

A lot has changed about the way CV’s are read and processed today. If you have been using the same template for years, it might be time for an update.

No employer has time to read a 10-page CV crammed with text. Keep it concise, with plenty of white space on the sheet so it looks clear and well presented. It is best to keep your CV to no more than 2 pages.

Some companies use tracking systems on CVs, so make sure you are including all the right keywords. These will probably be the type of words you see on the job adverts you are interested in e.g. “driver’s license.”

If you have a long employment history, then don’t worry about going back further than the last 10-15 years. Keep the jobs listed relevant to what you are doing now if you need to cut it back.

Start your CV with a professional summary. In no more than four sentences let the world know why you are the best person for the job by describing your relevant skills and experience.

Why not try some temp work?

If you aren’t sure which direction you want to go in, temping allows you to try a range of roles in different settings to help you figure out exactly what it is you like, whilst building up transferable skills.

A temp contract lets you dip your toe in the water to see if a particular job role or industry suits your needs and experience. If it does work out, you have on-the-job experience and the confidence to take it further, and if not, you are free to try something else.

The beauty of temping is that you are in full control of when and where you work. If a long-term commitment isn’t your cup of tea, temping can give you the freedom to stick to short-term contracts. Of course there are long-term temp options too if you want to get some solid experience under your belt.

Our temps love the work life balance they get, and others love the ease of slotting in temp jobs between other commitments.

Sometimes it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know, and temping will give you a foot in the door that could lead to great references and more work. A staggering 70% of our temp roles lead to permanent positions!

Download the DM Recruitment app

With our app you can apply for all our latest jobs from the comfort of home!

It is easy to get started and the app is very straightforward to use.

Download the app…

  • From the app store for iPhones and iPads – from here
  • Or from Google Play for Android – from here

Finally, upload your documents and you are ready to start work.

Good luck in your 2021 job search!