Reports of unemployment and a strained economy make the prospect of looking for work a scary one. But it doesn’t have to be.

Following the various support schemes from the Government together with the roadmap out of lockdown, the good news is that many businesses are crying out for new workers now.

With many people still locked into furlough in some sectors, there isn’t as much competition for work as you might expect – so don’t feel daunted!

Many of our clients have multiple roles available, so if you are looking for a job read on for some tips to get a job in 2021!

Hit the online job platforms

Pretty much any film or TV show in the last 40 years would depict a job seeker circling jobs on the back of the local newspaper. Times have changed!

Hundreds of jobs are posted online daily.

Indeed is a big one to check – they add 10 jobs per second globally and CV Library lists over 170,000 jobs! We regularly use them to recruit candidates, so it is worth logging on and exploring what is on offer.

We predict Google Careers will become even more popular this year, so that is one to watch.

Network on LinkedIn

Whilst networking in person isn’t as easy as it used to be, it is worth making the most of what LinkedIn has to offer. By listing yourself as ‘Open to Work’ on your profile settings you will help signpost to recruiters that you are available.

Build your connections, sign up to job alerts, and give yourself an online presence with regular (professional!) posting.


Adding new skills can make you more attractive to recruiters, and it also sends a message to employers that you are passionate about progressing in your career.

With more than 90% of the UK workforce needing to be upskilled or retrained by 2030 to be equipped for greater automation in the workplace, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, the smart move would be to stay ahead of the people you will be competing for jobs with.

Register with an agency

Don’t roll your eyes – this is genuinely a really great way to find work with minimal effort!

Crucially, find an agency that reflects your values, and you have a great rapport with. If you have experience and skills in a specific field, choose an agency with that speciality.

Here at DM Recruitment we specialise in industrial and commercial recruitment. We have a lot of temporary positions, but find these often lead to permanent places – so don’t be put off by the temp bit!

Together with our sister companies, Opus Vitae and Simply Interview, we recruit for a broad range of businesses, in roles of all types.

We would love to find out more about you!