The local community is important to us here at DM Recruitment. We have always pledged to support it in any way we can. In the past we have sponsored events, grassroots football, and charity fundraisers.

As parents and relatives of children, we wanted to do something for the youngsters in our area.

So, we have sponsored an anti-bullying campaign run by the Kids Information Centre.

They run bespoke child safety initiatives in our area. The campaign around bullying will help children understand that, unfortunately, most of us will be bullied at some point.

Bullying can take many forms, from being picked on by strangers or being bullied by friends. They want kids to know that they’re not alone and give them the tools to deal with the issue.

They will be helping school children understand the different forms that bullying can take – verbal, physical and online abuse. They will highlight signs to look out for that someone is being bullied and let kids know how they can help those who are suffering.

Hopefully these tools will help them to grow stronger and happier in life.

The Kids Information Centre said, “Thank you for your involvement in the bespoke child safety initiatives we are running in your area.

“The support from businesses and individuals such as yourselves is crucial in our efforts to safeguard vulnerable and at-risk children across the country via essential grassroots projects.”

We wish them the best of luck with all their initiatives in our community!