Employers feeling recruitment pressure as Brexit nears

By Stuart Danks
7 November, 2018

Employers feeling recruitment pressure as Brexit nears

With Brexit on the horizon, the world of recruitment faces huge uncertainties, but Shropshire’s DM Recruitment is planning ahead and hopes to be a key resource for local businesses in the midst of Brexit uncertainty.

Recent statistics show that the number of candidates is decreasing and there is a growing nervousness amongst businesses about the impact Brexit will have on recruitment. The Resourcing and Talent Survey 2017, states that it will be tougher to recruit skilled staff, whilst the Summer 2018 Labour Market Outlook showed strong employment figures but a diminishing labour supply.

With the impact Brexit may have on free movement for EU nationals to the UK, this reduction in labour could cause big problems for companies which rely on temporary staff. The 2018 report also stated:

  • On average, employers received twenty applicants for their last low-skilled vacancy, compared with twenty-four applicants in summer 2017, and twenty-five applicants in autumn 2015
  • The number of applicants for the last medium-skilled vacancy fell to ten from nineteen in summer 2017, and fifteen in autumn 2015
  • Meanwhile, an average of six applicants applied for the most recent high-skilled vacancies, compared with an average of eight applicants in summer 2017

Subsequently, four in ten employers reported that recruitment pressures have increased as a result of a lower number of applications and less suitable applicants.

Shropshire’s DM Recruitment has recognised there may be challenging times ahead. The industrial and commercial recruitment specialists is preparing by supporting local businesses with quality temporary and permanent staff, whilst also expanding to cope with the potential demand from employers in the coming years.

Stuart Danks, Managing Director of DM Recruitment, comments:

“We have already seen farmers across the country struggle this year when it comes to taking on the casual labour they need to ensure their crops are harvested.

“EU workers have been drifting away from the UK because of the uncertainty over Brexit, and while the farming issues have probably carried the highest profile in the media, there is no doubt other areas have also been seriously affected.

“There are many jobs, both seasonal and those more traditionally taken by migrant workers, that have not been filled in the required numbers this year, and it’s difficult to predict what will happen after March.

“At DM Recruitment we are planning for the future by preparing for any eventuality by expanding our branches in order to cover rural areas to find workers for the communities that will need them. We’re also tackling the uncertainty of employment to continue to help people to gain employment as we continue to be hugely successful in filling positions across the jobs sector. This will continue after Brexit - but may be more challenging.

“By thinking ahead and ensuring we have the right framework in place to meet demand, we believe we will be in the best position to help employers and employees succeed in a post-Brexit world, whatever that holds.”

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