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Employers need to think about mental health too

By Stuart Danks
20 May, 2020

Employers need to think about mental health too

It is mental health awareness week so what better time to think about my own mental health, and how employers in a similar position to me might be feeling during the current crisis.

Here at DM Recruitment we place great importance on looking after our mental health and it was a huge factor in why we chose Shropshire Mind as a charity partner.

Now I want to shine a light on the people in charge, who have the responsibility of ensuring their team’s needs are met. How are they feeling?

Owners, managers and bosses have had a lot to contend with recently – dwindling sales, a weakened economy, deciding if they should furlough staff, worrying about the future of their business, taking on multiple roles to keep the business going whilst the staff are not there. It is a colossal weight on their shoulders.

Owning a business yet having all of the control seemingly taken away is a huge burden to bear. So now more than ever, employers need to make sure they are looking after themselves - as well as their team.

Self Care

You should approach your own mental health with the same advice you would give your employees. Take care of yourself – get a good night’s sleep, eat properly and exercise regularly are - those simple self-care steps that will go a long way to helping you stay on the right tracks.

As with any worry, talking is crucial. Find someone in your network, a friend or a family member that you can speak to. It will help alleviate those worries building up inside.

Be kind

We were taught as kids to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. The same goes for being an employer. If you are satisfied that you act with kindness, compassion, and integrity, with your clients and with your team – then when you are going through a challenging time you won’t be left questioning your actions and you will probably find your work network are a lot more supportive for it.

Focus on a goal

When times are tough, it won’t be helpful to try to develop multiple areas of your business. Have a clear goal to work towards to help give you focus and not be distracted by all the noise going on around you.

Your failings do not define you

It is easy to feel that a failure in business makes you a failure as a person. Separate your own self-worth from the success or failings in the business. If things are not going to plan, don’t let that hinder your self-belief in the work you do.

Stay cool as a cucumber

It is easier said than done but try to stay calm and keep it together in a crisis. Your team needs a leader who can keep calm under pressure, it will foster calmness in them too, and it will help you keep your head when you are making critical decisions.

Find the positives

Whilst we know many businesses could potentially crumble under the strain created by this heart-breaking pandemic, it is possible to use this time to find new opportunities, and possibly even grow.

Stay focused, calm and look after your well-being. And if you need to, don’t be afraid to speak out.

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