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Providing our clients with transformative solutions

By Stuart Danks
16 July, 2020

Providing our clients with transformative solutions

This isn’t just recruitment, this is DM Recruitment.

Although we are borrowing a well-known tagline here, there is truth behind our bold statement! Here at DM Recruitment we don't just provide temporary and permanent workers – we create transformative solutions for business. We pride ourselves on offering the very best service possible, above and beyond what you would expect from a traditional recruitment agency.

We like to do things differently.

Currently we are helping our clients to create working environments that can help stop the spread of coronavirus by providing them with the latest technology. This includes thermal imaging recognition cameras that can verify workers identities, before the security door opens for them. The camera simultanesouly takes their temperature whilst dispensing hand sanitiser that gives them 24-hour protection. Their attendance on site is automatically recorded, and if all is well the security door opens to them.

Inside the workspace, forensic style cleaning equipment can be used to detect viruses and bacteria on surfaces using a specialist CiFi Torch and goggles.

Here are some testimonials from other companies that have used these revolutionary torches to fight the spread of Covid-19:

"The use of this lighting system has of course come to the fore in the current Covid-19 pandemic and its usefulness I am confident will indeed in its own way help to save lives, something for which you can be justly proud." Professor Cassella, Staffordshire University

"Fighting the battle against COVID-19 and any future Viral or Bacterial threats will require comprehensive strategies, we believe that The CIFI torch will be integral to these strategies, and support us to minimise and understand the risks in our infection control measures." Bob Dhaliwal, Managing Director, Well Being Care Group

"Parents and staff feel reassured by the forensic standard service that we have been able to provide with the CiFi torch and this will remain a vital tool throughout the Covid-19 situation and beyond." Amanda Arnold, Executive Headteacher

"The CiFi Torch is an essential part of our specialist cleaning equipment, used by our team to identify and remove body fluids, human and animal tissue, potentially infectious and infectious material, as well as detect and remove trace amounts of chemicals and our own cleaning products on final inspection of ‘the works area’; enabling us to clean to forensic standards." Jim Gildea, Managing Director, Total Trauma Cleaning

"We have found many benefits to the use of this torch. It allows us the ability to identify bacteria and biological traces that are simply not visible to the human eye, thus allowing us to offer a complete peace of mind clean to our clients and furthermore guarantee our work. The torch itself is immensely powerful and often identifies areas of concern in lighter conditions, where others fail."Ryan Mobbs, Director, The Magic Maid

If you are interested in receiving this technology as part of a recruitment package with us, or you would like to find out more about our services, get in touch today by calling 01743 296 320 or emailing

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