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Why temping can be the route to finding your career path

By Stuart Danks
28 January, 2020

Why temping can be the route to finding your career path

We place hundreds of candidates in temporary positions every week. What many people find surprising is the most of our temp family aren’t made up of people looking for permanent roles, in fact most love the flexibility that temping offers and they come back to us time and time again to complete temp contracts.

Here’s our run down on why temping can be the route to finding your career path – and it might even be the path you decide to stay on!

Gain Direction

If you are not quite sure which direction you want to go in, or if the perfect job hasn’t come your way yet, temping allows you to try a range of roles in different settings to help you figure out exactly what it is you enjoy.

You may have been holding out for something very specific, but after temping realise that you are open to more avenues. Plus, the transferable skills you build up whilst temping can help you get closer to landing your dream job.

Trial Run

A temp role can be the perfect opportunity to dip your toe in the water to see if a particular job role or industry suits your needs and experience. If it does work out, you have on-the-job experience and confidence to take it further, and if not, you are free to try something else.

New Skills

Temporary jobs often arm you with new skills and experience, which can transform your CV. Practical experience will be more attractive to employers than education alone.

Stay in the Driving Seat

The beauty of temping is that you are in full control of when and where you work. If a long-term commitment isn’t your cup of tea, temping can give you the freedom to stick to short-term contracts. Of course there are long-term temp options too if you want to get some solid experience under your belt.

Our temps love the work life balance they get, and others love the ease of slotting in temp jobs between other commitments.

Foot in the Door

Sometimes it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know, and temping will give you a foot in the door that could lead to great references and more work. A staggering 70% of our temp roles lead to permanent positions!

When you temp via DM Recruitment, you become part of our community, which means your hard work and loyalty will be rewarded.

If you fancy giving temping a go or you an employer with temporary recruitment needs, call us today on 01743 296 320 to find out how we can help. 

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